About NICE

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
National Institute on Consumer Education (NICE)
Date of establishment
February 23, 1990
Shifts to a public interest incorporated foundation on April 1, 2012.
Objective of foundation
To support comprehensive and effective promotion of consumer education by
implementing studies, research, and projects related to consumer education main
targeting young people.
Contents of activities
  • Studies and research, creation of instructional materials, and PR projects for consumer education
  • Planning and arrangement of seminars on consumer education
  • Commendation activities a consumer education
Visiting Researchers
Yoshiko Syoji
Previous Principal, Chiba-city Todoroki-cho Elementary School Reiko Matsubaguchi
Professor, Yokohama National University Mikio Miyazaki
Teacher, Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School Teruhiko Yasuhara
Professor, Saitama University Kazuko Yokoyama
Previous Principal, Higashimatsuyama Municipal Ooka Elementary School