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Why was the National Institute on Consumer Education (NICE) established ?

People of various fields faced with consumer problems have tried various approaches to consumer education. With the economy becoming more complex and diversified, it is becoming more difficult for the individual consumer to deal with the huge amount of information and complexity of the market.

As a result, there is a greater need to educate consumers so that they have the ability to make more independent decisions. At the annual meeting of the Social Policy Council held in September 1989, it was proposed to establish an organization to support consumer education. On February 23, 1990, the National Institute on Consumer Education was established under the supervision of the Minister of state for Economic Planning (Consumer Affairs Agency) and the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), with the support of the educators, the consumer groups, the industries and administration. The objective of this organization is to support the effective and comprehensive promotion of consumer education. In order to effectively cope with the rapidly changing society, required is an organization which actively promote consumer education with the cooperation of four parties - educators, consumer groups, industries, and administration. With the assistance of these four parties, NICE is expected to play the major role as a specialized organization being able to provide a constant and comprehensive support to various consumer education.

What kind of Organization is the National Institute on Consumer Education ?

The objectives of NICE are to conduct surveys and investigations of consumer education pertaining to young people and to conduct activities, which would promote and support consumer education comprehensively and effectively. To achieve these objectives, we (1) conduct surveys and research projects, (2) conduct seminars, training sessions, and symposia, (3) make and distribute teaching manuals and materials, and (4) develop both a domestic and international information network of consumer education. The Institute is funded mainly through investment by corporations and fees of supporting members. As of December 1992, 118 companies are providing financial support.

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